Have you ever wondered how you can fit a ‘workout’ in while you are traveling? Well first of all you can simply make sure you are walking, taking the stairs and moving throughout the day. That simple decision and action will rack up a lot of steps and lead you on many adventures.

Another strategy is to use the New York Times 7 Minute Workout. This workout can be done anywhere, any time and without any equipment. You simply use your own body weight. It is based on 12 different exercises.

Jumping Jacks     Wall Squats     Push-ups                 Crunches

Step-ups                Squats              Triceps Dips            Planks

High Knees           Lunges             Rotate Push-ups     Side Planks

Whether you can only a few of each, that’s fine! Start where you are. Over time you can go to 30 seconds on each form with a 10 second rest. Then, proceed to 1 minute per form and 20 second rest. Just a few minutes and you have workout out with cardio, muscles and your core.

7 minute workout