Healthy Nails

Your nails reflect inner and outer health.  These 5 tips help you create beautiful nails with just minutes a day.

Tip #1                        Oil Your Nails!

Neem oil and coconut oil are wonderful oils to rub into the nail bed and cuticle.  Neem oil is a vegetable oil pressed from the fruits and seeds of the neem evergreen tree.  Coconut oil is anti-fungal, -bacterial, -viral and –parasitic.  Rubbing either oil into the bed and cuticle at night strengths and helps hydrate nails.

Tip #2                        Buff Your Nails!

The biggest reason to buff is ridges.  Those ridges come from poor digestion (primarily protein), so improving diet and adding a quality digestive enzyme can help from the inside.  Use a good buffer  Buffing should be gentle and only 1-2 times/month.  Buffing can help improve circulation to the nail and bring a nice shine so that polish is not even needed.

Tip #3                        Avoid Toxic Polishes

Formaldehyde, acetone and toluene are the most toxic of nail chemicals.  There are many brands of nail polish that are not toxic.  Usually, if the polish bottle does not say “formaldehyde/toluene free” it isn’t!  Brands that are not toxic include:  NCLA, Kure, Priti, Chanel, and Mineral Fusion.

Tip #4                        Do Your Own or Work with “Healthy” Manicurist

Taking care of you own nails can be very simple and cost effective.  Avoid trimming cuticles, massage the nail bed and cuticle daily and file the nails as needed.  Buff every couple of weeks and your nails will look healthy, strong and beautiful (assuming you have a good diet).

If you choose to work with a manicurist, check out the quality of the products they use, the polish remover (avoid acetone) and best of all check out their nails.  If their nails are looking pretty poor, do you really want to spend your money there?

Tip #5                        Avoid Nail Hardeners

The reason most people use nail hardeners is due to soft, breaking nails.  That condition is usually due to stress and/or poor nutrition.  Balance your stress, add protein and minerals and nails will strengthen on their own.  Nail hardeners can make nails too brittle and increase the risk of breaking.

Tip #6                      Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein

Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein is now easy and affordable to add to your daily diet.  It’s amazing what it will do for your hair, nails, joints, and skin!  It has no flavor, mixes with any hot or cold beverage (does not make it thick), and you can cook with it.  It assimilates with virtually no demand on your digestive system and best of all, it’s affordable when you order from  Be sure to use our affiliate coupon code to save 10% and get shipping for just $3!