2019 Annual WiFi Shield Special

Simple, Easy and Affordable WiFi Protection!

Peace of Mind for your Family!

4 Years ago we were introduced to the Frequency Flow Wifi Shields – our testing in the clinic and our personal use continues to confirm that these simple and very afforable shields are a great way to increase our health safety from WiFi frequencies.

The average person in America owns an average of 3 WiFi devices. From cell phones to wireless home phones to iPads, to game consoles, and hand held video games – we are a people addicted to WiFi and that addiction is growing daily. If you are like most of us the thought that all that WiFi might be harmful is unsettling. Peace of mind is just a Shield away.

The Frequency Flow WiFi Shield neutralizes the frequencies of any WiFi device where the user is concerned. The technology in the Shield is activated when the WiFi device on which the Shield is placed comes in close proximity or contact with our bodies.

This Holiday Season, Frequency Flow is offering their best price ever on their new and improved shields! When you use our coupon code at check out, you’ll save over 60%. This special is only available through Christmas and it’s only offered once a year! If you think you’ll need more shields later in the year, now is the time to get them!


  • The regular shield price is $39.95. The Christmas Special is 5 for $99.95.
  • When you use our coupon code easy at checkout, you’ll get an additional 25% savings
    • $75 for 5 – that makes each shield about $15.  
  • Affordable for the whole family and for every one of your devices that uses WiFi. The perfect stocking stuffer!

The most frequent question we get is, “How long will they last?”  The shields last as long as they are not scratched or torn, so you can literally get years of life from one – typically as long as you own your device! Apply it directly to the back of your device and then protect it with the device cover! They’re as thin as a sticker so they don’t interfer with any case!

They can also be attached to your pet’s collar or put into a shoe to provide additional protection!

Click here to go directly to the Frequency Flow Website. You’ll see the Christmas Special on their home page. Enter the coupon code easy at check out and an additional 25% will be taken off your entire order. Shipping is just $7.95.